Lehigh Defense 45 ACP 174 Gr ME - 20 Rounds| In Stock

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Lehigh Defense 45 ACP 174 Gr ME - 20 Rounds

  (20 Rounds)

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This item is out of stock.
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Ventura Munitions$41.99Out of Stock
Updated: 23 Minutes Ago
Ammo Information
Caliber: 45 ACP
Rounds: 20
Part Number: LD01450174S


Caliber: 45 ACP Bullet Style: 174 Grain, Maximum Expansion (ME) Case Type: Premiere New Brass Muzzle Velocity: 1025 mv-fps Muzzle Energy: N/A Quantity: 20/Box Maximum Expansion (ME) The key to designing effective defensive ammunition is a thorough knowledge of physics, metals, engineering, and terminal ballistics. Lehigh Defense brings it all to the plate with their new line of premium defense ammunition. Already known for their unrivaled precision CNC projectiles, Lehigh delivers the same accuracy, stopping power and lethality in their precision loaded ammunition. The keystone of Lehigh Defense's personal defense ammunition is their Maximum Expansion (ME) round.  Years of development went into development of this solid copper expanding bullet. Their goal was to redefine what a civilian personal defense pistol bullt should be. They achieved it. From the initial impact shock of the cavernous hollow point, through the energy transfer of the petal deplo...
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